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Black and white photo of model Lucy (Karina) walking in Downtown Orlando at night. She is wearing a hat that partially covers her face, a crop top with various illustrated breast designs, and shorts. She is holding a bag and the background features blurred city lights and palm trees, creating a moody, urban atmosphere.

City Chic: Lucy in Downtown Orlando

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August 2021


Orlando, Florida

This captivating photoshoot titled "City Chic: Lucy in Downtown Orlando" features model Lucy (Karina) showcasing her unique style and daring direction amidst the vibrant urban landscape of Downtown Orlando. The dynamic city setting provides a perfect contrast to Lucy's bold and distinctive fashion, highlighting the interplay between urban sophistication and her individual elegance. Each image captures the essence of city life, enhanced by Lucy's confident poses and striking presence, making this project a stunning blend of modern chic and personal flair.

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