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Finding New Ways to Stay Creative!

Finding new ways to be creative is in itself an exercise in creativity. With in-person social interaction and outdoor creativity being restricted at the time of writing this, I find myself bored with indoor subjects and starved for new challenges to conquer.

I've gone to the photography community on Twitter to get some help and it's proven to be an amazing help. So many photographers with different talents and concentrations in the craft, so many perspectives. My first and only request was, “Photography Twitter, give me a one-word challenge for a set of photos!”

I asked that question and I got challenges from so many different creators and photographers! It was a wonderful way to put myself out there and get challenged to move away from my comfort zone and try capturing new things.

So here is my challenge to you! Go out there and shoot something different. Capture something you would have never captured before and even try to find a new way to look at something you have already captured and breathe life into the old!

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