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5 Must-have Apps Getting Started as a Creative

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Being a creative is a world of possibility and a lifetime of trying to find ways to bringing them into existence.

Having all the tools you'll need at the start is so important and I'm going to help all of you, my creative readers, by listing off some of my favorite applications that I keep on my phone to create on-the-go and bring all the ideas in my head, to life.

Canva is an amazingly versatile web and mobile application for content creation. I use this application for a majority of the photos, YouTube thumbnails, and social media posts. Canva has a wide variety of templates to help you get started and a library of icons, graphics, and images at your disposal so the possibilities are endless! I personally use the Pro version which has its own set of perks. One of which is its new Background Removal tool, which uses some sort of magic to clip your images to just show the subject, making it easier to make some awesome designs! For me, it has been a real game-changer and for you it may be the way to go.

Every creative needs a place where they can be exposed the ever changing methods and mediums for creative works and also seeing other works that they want to support or use for moodboards and inspiration for their own projects. Behance is that platform!

Think of it like a less social social media where you can see the work of your peers and use them as a jumping off point to build and create your own works. The main benefit to this application is that it comes with a moodboard feature that allows you to group the projects of others into a visual story or tone to use for your creative projects. Another plus is that it's FREE! Behance is completely free for all creatives and acts as another portfolio and Resume for potential clients and employers. For Adobe that's a big deal.

Lightroom is a photo editor by Adobe that offers a lot in the way of bringing out the most in the photographs you take. You can completely save an underexposed image and repair noisy photos to presentable form! You can also use lightroom to make an ordinary photo image into something that pops and is extraordinary.

The application comes in all different types of flavors there is a web client, a mobile app for phones and tablets, and a fully featured desktop version. Plus it also syncs up with it's older more mature brother, Lightroom Classic. The Lightroom Mobile application is free for mobile so there should be no excuse to have the photo editing powerhouse on your phone or tablet.

This is an absolutely amazing little gem that I had no idea existed until a couple of weeks ago I discovered it while working on a project. This little color tool generates palettes on command and automatically gives you eye-catching and visually appealing palettes each time! You can use it as a swatch for digital drawings, as a way of finding colors that match your brand, finding gradients you love, and more!

Coolors has an Adobe Plugin, a website to use, and a Mobile application that you can use to generate these amazing color palettes. If you need more palettes you can find some inspiration on their Instagram. The app is $2.99 on the Apple App Store.

5. YouTube

Ok, so hear me out, everyone should know what YouTube is and what the platform is used for in 2020. That being said I seriously love this app. I love the community and the room to just be yourself. I consider this to be the greatest creative tool in anyone's arsenal. Why? Well...

This platform allows you to be who you are and show your skill to anyone who is willing to watch. It allows you to connect with others in a way most social media platforms fall short of most of the time. Not only that but for as along as you have a phone in your pocket and some nice lighting you can create on the move and share your experiences, growth, and skills anywhere you are.

YouTube is an absolute game changer and best of all just having a Gmail account means you have one already and it's free to make if you don't have one.

Put yourself out that and show the world who it's missing!

If any of these apps interest you or speak to you. give them a shot and let me know what you think of them or even more exciting, what you used them for!

Until next time!

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